Many homes and gardens are lined with some kind of hedging. They keep out noise, wind, intruders and add plenty of aesthetic beauty to your property. Regular hedge trimming is one of the best ways to keep your hedge looking its best.

Most people find that a 4-6 monthly hedge trim is sufficient to keep your average hedge under control. However to maintain your hedge there can be hazards with ladders and it additionally requires specialist hedge trimmer equipment.

Next 2 Nature has all the hedge trimming equipment which can get any unruly hedge back into line. In most cases, this work can be done safely from the ground with our extendable hedge trimming equipment. Our friendly operators will trim your hedge and take away the trimmings, leaving your property the envy of your neighbours.

We offer hedge trimming in Auckland - North Shore - Manukau - Albany - Henderson - Helensville areas at affordable prices for commercial and residential customers.  Contact us to see if there's an available operator - they'll even quote it for free!

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